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 We love to cater to the little ones which can be challenging at times to wear a pump and keep little hands from getting to them =0) .. Our pump pouches are a sleek design for the little toddlers so not to add to much bulk.  To help keep cost down as I know they wear these 24/7 and they wear out fast , we offer either replacement pouches or just the replacement belts.  We also offer just the window pouch if you want to add a hook to it and use it on bookbags.   We offer a wide range of fabrics for pouches and waistbands/armbands  for any age. Browse through our clothing, each designed by myself and devoted to make each one a custom piece that you will find very useful.   Our waistband fabrics are high quality spandex that will help to make your wearing them pleasant,  comfortable and long lasting.   Buttonholes are an added bonus to the waistbands and pouches to help keep tubing in line. We offer a smaller side release buckle for the little ones waist so to help with comfort ...3/4" buckle is the smallest... if you are looking for reviews about our products you can see them on Etsy...almost a 1000 now under the name  touch1diabetic

Double pouches

Looking for a double pouch.....No problem....we can custom make yours in a flash !


Need  a waistband for concealing your pump under dresses or  when doing sports ?....we got them !!