• Cell phone pouch / variety of spandex fabric to choose from


    Carry your iphone and Dex in a fabric of your choice 
    large enough to hold your iphone5 and dex receiver together 
    or will hold a iphone6 
    Add a smaller pouch to make it a double pouch  !

    pouch is 6 3/4" long by 3 1/4" wide 
    Add this to your already purchased insulin pump pouch for only $18 to make a double pouch 
    or add a belt and have another set 

    This new 2way pouch is wider than the original pouch 
    zippered insulin pump pouch 

    window option available also as shown in picture 

    options for belt fabric (velstretch suggested for longer wear) or double pouch 
    black strong elastic belt fabric ( pictured )