• Insulin pump pouch / Warrior / embroidered on olive green pul fabric


    How would you like your little Warrior to wear this cute pouch !
    zippered insulin pump pouch 

    fabric is pul (waterproof/water repellant)
    wears better than cotton or spandex 

    Buttonhole for tubing
    options for belt fabric 

    "black heavy duty 1" elastic with grip on back to help with sliding around the waist  pictured with 1" buckle
    w/adjustable loop on each side
    3/4: velstretch with 3/4" buckle suggested for little waist like babies / toddlers 

    option for snaps/no buckle available 
    Great for sleeping

    Machine washable
    Made for medtronics pump but fits most pumps!! ....also fits Dex!

    Please take Note : take sleeve off of pump before placing in pouch 
    pouch is not made to measurements with sleeve on it 
    if you need it to be wider like the 640g please message when checking out 

    Made from PUL fabric (waterproof)