• Insulin pump pouch / Paw patrol / embroidered on pul fabric


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    • Show off your pump pouch with a 
      Machine embroidered Paw Patrol .. ..so adorable for your little one !
      PUL fabric is royal blue  (waterproof) ....not swim proof if your pump is not waterproof 
      this fabric should hold up longer than cotton/woven 

      zipper closure

      option to choose belt fabric 
      option for snaps/no buckle for sleeping 

      adjustable loops on each side
      (blue  velstretch pictured)
      charms for zipper pull (added bonus)

      important info : 
      Velstretch is a soft stretchy fabric and will hold it's shape longer than elastic, plus it does not fray 
      Elastic has a tendancy to " fray" especially if worn everyday
      so if you have a child that is hard on things or if you are going to be using this 
      everyday then I would suggest the velstretch fabric