• Girls / Build your pouch /large variety of spandex fabric

    please enter name of fabric or solid color
    medtronic, 630g, tslim, animas ping,

    Carry your pump or Dex in a pouch with fabric of your choice 
    quality spandex / large variety 
    make it a double pouch option available 

    zippered insulin pump pouch
    Buttonhole for tubing on all pouches unless other wise requested not to have one 

    options for belt fabric (velstretch suggested for longer wear) 
    w/adjustable loop on each side

    Option available for snap adjustment (no buckle)
    Great for sleeping

    if you have a larger pump like the 630g please message me to adjust for size

    Machine washable
    Made for medtronics pump, 630g, ping, but fits most pumps!! ....also fits Dex and small iphone