• Diabetic girl doll / with play kit


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    What a Great way for your little one to learn about type 1 thru play !!

    Let your little one have hours of fun with their own T1D buddie !

    Doll is made from soft fleece and stuffed with premium polyester fiber fill

    fiber fill is hypoallergenic

    washable and will not bunch up 

    face is machine embroidered

    belly button is embroidered

    doll is 16" long and it's head is the size of a newborn or preemie baby

    This doll has a snap on each arm, leg and tummy for the Dex to change their site ( just like they do

    in real life )

    the pump is attached to a velcro patch on the tummy

    pump has pouch with buttonhole for tubing ( just like a real pouch)

    accu check monitor has a imitation blood drop on the end of the strip 

    complete set includes : 12 items 

    (1) Doll

    (1) bib

    (1) diaper 

    (1) pair of socks

    (1) hat or hairband (depending on boy or girl )

    (1) TID block bracelet for doll 

    (1) embroidered dex patch

    (1) embroidered Pod patch for omnipod 

    (1) embroidered dex receiver 

    (1) embroidered insulin pump

    (1) embroidered accu check machine

    (1) pump pouch to carry toy pump